Smoke Detection Systems

SecuriSmoke ASD

  • Aspirating smoke detectors from Securiton are among the most precise and most reliable early warning systems against fires. Securiton offers a complete range of detectors that makes the rapid detection of fires both scalable and cost-effective for any monitoring area.

SecuriBeam ILIA

  • Using an infrared light beam to rapidly detect smoke and fire, even under the most difficult conditions: this is the strong point of the SecuriBeam ILIA beam smoke detector. Its high-tech qualities will appeal to anyone unwilling to compromise when it comes to safety in large buildings.

SecuriBeam BSD 535

  • The beam smoke detector SecuriBeam BSD 535 combines a simple principle with sophisticated technology. The device sends a beam of infrared light to a reflector and simultaneously receives the reflected light beam. If the light beam is attenuated by smoke, the SecuriBeam immediately sounds the alarm.

Heat Detection Systems

SecuriHeat LIST

  • Interference factors such as dust, heat, smoke or exhaust emissions hamper fire detection in extreme and aggressive conditions. SecuriSens LIST line type heat detectors take these factors in their stride and impress thanks to their high precision, reliability and durability. The SecuriSens LIST sensor cables contain highly sensitive addressed sensors whose response behaviour can be individually programmed. The distance between the sensors in the cable can also be selected.

SecuriHeat d-LIST

  • Highly flexible, because when it comes to protection, every object has its own very particular requirements. The SecuriHeat d-LIST line-type heat detector with SEC 15 sensor cable is ideal for applications involving small monitoring areas. ​The cable terminal processor, an SCU 835 sensor control unit, can accommodate two sensor cables up to 350 metres in length each.

SecuriHeat ADW 535

  • Fires occur more often in dangerous locations – with conventional fire detectors quickly reaching their limitations. The intelligent line type heat detector from Securiton works perfectly, even under the most difficult conditions. Whether the fully automatic monitoring of large areas, resisting corrosive gases, extreme humidity and high temperatures or differentiating between false alarms and real danger – the list of requirements for a state-of-the-art line type heat detector is both long and detailed.

Networking and Visualisation​


  • FidesNet enables the interconnection of multiple SecuriSmoke aspirating smoke detectors for visualisation using one or more FidesControl RCU 700s. The FidesNet networking solution makes it possible to connect SecuriSmoke aspirating smoke detectors to superordinate systems using the FidesPort NCU 900.


  • The PC-based NetSoft software tool visualises live data from ASD aspirating smoke detectors on the computer. Networked ASDs can be configured using the graphical overview, historical data can be accessed, and the data can be visualised as a trending view.

Smoke Switch Systems

LRS ventilation smoke switch system

  • With the LRS 01 and LRS 02, Securiton offers two systems for early smoke detection and the actuation of fire and smoke protection dampers. The practical all-round solution stands out by virtue of its well-thought-out details. The flow-optimised two-tube airflow system complements the reliable smoke switch technology inside a sturdy fibreglass-reinforced housing. The LRS therefore guarantees maximum detection reliability in ventilation ducts, combined with unique advantages during mounting and maintenance.

Fire door control

  • Every fire begins with the unnoticed formation of smoke and the silent spread of toxic gases that are lethal to humans. Within an extremely short time, emergency exit and rescue routes are filled with smoke and can no longer be used. With a fire door control, open doors and gates are closed automatically in the event of a fire and the smoke is prevented from spreading. Emergency exit and rescue routes are kept free of smoke for evacuation and damages are limited to the affected fire sector.

Fire Detection Systems

SecuriFire 3000

  • Very few fire detection systems provide fire protection as reliably as SecuriFire 3000. Indeed, all its components – from the microprocessor to the operating system – have been duplicated. The consistently redundant design of the SecuriFire 3000 achieves what no other system does: if the active system fails, the secondary system takes over full operations – seamlessly.

SecuriFire 2000

  • The SecuriFire 2000 fire detection system uses the highest standard of technology to provide a comforting sense of safety and security. With its flexibility, it can be adjusted precisely to local conditions. SecuriFire 2000 provides medium-sized and large businesses with effective protection against serious risks: it detects fires early in their incipient stage, immediately alerts the emergency services and activates the fire-extinguishing systems.

SecuriFire 500

  • The SecuriFire 500 fire detection system offers great performance at a fair price. It uses the same high-tech components that are fitted to other systems in the SecuriFire series of products. Only its dimensions are different, adapted to the requirements of smaller businesses: hotels, restaurants, guest houses, shopping malls and leisure centres, retirement homes and family homes are reliably protected against fire risks, as are unmanned systems and installations.

Fire Detectors

Combined detectors

  • The temperature-supported smoke sensor of the MCD 573X provides early detection of smouldering, glowing and open fires with smoke development. With Cubus levelling, the detector adapts to the ambient temperatures prevailing in the room – and automatically regulates its own smoke sensitivity.