Portable Gas Detector

Portable gas detector design with smaller in size and easy to carry. It can be used for workshop routing inspection on gas leakage, as well as in confined spaces test gas detection during inspection operation. Typical portable gas detector application for places and processes as follows:

Maintenance Test : After the equipment has been overhauled and replaced, it is necessary to detect the residual harmful gas or liquid.

Emergency Detection : During abnormal situation occurs at the production area or a gas leak incident happened, the portable gas detector is required to detect any harmful gases or liquids (vapors) for safety, health and environment.

Leak Detection : The flange or pipeline leak hazardous, whether is gas or liquid (vapors), handheld gas leak detector useful to detect the small leak and pinpoint the leak location.

Touring inspection : For safety and sanitation inspections, portable gas detectors are require to detect harmful gases or liquid vapors.

Safety Detection : For workers enter into hazardous area such as material isolation operation room, sewer, cable trench, tunnel, silo cleaning or the inside of equipment to operate, they need portable gas detector for detect harmful gas or liquid-vapor.

Single Gas Detector

  • H1600 - One of the world smallest detector, intrinsically safe design, IP66, alarm record.
  • AGH5100 - Fully gripped, compact, rugged design, single-button operation.
  • AGH8100/AGH8200 - Detect methane/LPG small gas leak, μmol/mol(ppm) range, IP66, built-in sampling pump.

Multi Gas Detector

  • H2000 - Four gas detector LEL, O2, H2S & CO, customizable gas type, IP66, alarm record.
  • AGH6100 - Support up to 4 gases, intrinsically safe design, IP66, large LCD, export alarm record data.
  • AGH6200 - Standard 4 in 1 gas detector CH4, O2, H2S & CO, automatic sound, light, vibration alarms.

Gas Sampling Pump

  • AGH1000B - Hand-held gas sampling pump, intrinsically safe design

Gas Detection System

Gas detection can be widely applied in places such as petrochemical, chemical, steel, pharmaceutical, power, food & beverage, warehouse, hotel, commercial building, etc where the requirement to detect any of flammable, oxygen and toxic gases.

Fixed Gas Detector

  • AG200 - Without display for cost saving, available with the advanced sensor for flammable, oxygen and toxic gases detection, IP66 protection and ATEX/SIL certified.
  • AG210 - Suitable for most areas where it necessary to detect flammable, oxygen and toxic gases. The model use the advanced sensor, IP66 protection and ATEX/SIL certified.
  • AG310- Applicable for detecting combustible and toxic gases in hazardous area. The model adopts the integrated design with sound and light alarm, smart sensor design to support hot plugging, easy for maintenance, IP66 protection and ATEX/SIL certified.
  • AGD200 - Detect CO/CO2/temperature and humidity in the environment, highly sensitive, fast response, network cable interface, easy to install, built-in dial switch and flexible adjustment of address code.

Gas Control Panel

  • AGS1000 - Support up to 64-Channels, available option for UPS and explosion-proof type, multi-function with inhibit channel, alarm set, fault and event logging.
  • AGS1600F - Maximum 4 Channels, monitor alarm in real time, built-in relay output to realize the control the interlocking equipment function, widely used in petroleum, chemical, energy, steel, metallurgy, gas and other industries.
  • AGS3000 - Color LCD display, real-time monitor and alarm, automatic sound and light for both fault and alarm, RS485 signal input/output, able to interface with PLC/controller, up to 9 relay outputs and customizable grouping.
  • JUDD - Standard modular design, each module has an independent display function, OLED display, built-in relay output and compatible with 4-20mA signal gas detector.
  • IPC Control System - Real-time readings, history records, concentration curve, remote control via PLC/controller, support up to 500 detection data and customized solution for different requirements.