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A. Industrial Networking Solutions

A seamless industrial networking solution integrating IT network and IA network. With an unique I.A. Ring/I.A. Chain is the latest generation of ring network backup protocol by ISON. The designed networking solutions for factory automation, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), IP Surveillance System, Railway transport and etc. 

ISON Industrial Rack Mount Managed Layer 2/3 or Unmanaged Layer 2 Ethernet Switches.
IS-RG216HS10-2A or IS-RG224HS10-2A model with Hot-Swappable Power and 10KV Lightning Protection
28-port Gigabit 19” Managed Layer 3 Industrial Ethernet Switch
ISON Industrial Din-Rail Managed Layer 2/3 or Unmanaged Layer 2 Ethernet Switches.
ISON Industrial PoE Ethernet Switches Series, IEEE 802.3af/at PoE, 15.4/30 watt, Support up to 2 Ultra High Power PoE port, 60 Watt output Configurable.
ISON Rugged and Compact Design of Industrial Media converter / PoE Injector and Splitter.
ISON Industrial Serial Converter to Ethernet TCP/IP or Fiber Optic and Modbus Media Converter.
ISON Industrial Wireless Ethernet to Dual Band 2G/3G/4G LTE Terminal and Point-to-Point Radio Link with up to 50 Mbps Throughput.
ISON Rugged X86 Box Type Embedded PC, high performance fanless design with Viking Memory Solution.
Industrial Power Supply Unit, SFP Module, Cables, Racking System and Accessories.

B. Industrial Protocol Converter & Gateways

In networking, a protocol converter is a device or program that converts from one protocol to another to allow interoperability between devices or systems that use incompatible protocols. proconX Protocol Converter and Gateway products are designed for mission critical applications and engineered with the industrial user in mind.

C. Industrial Remote Monitoring and Control

Remote monitoring and control systems are designed to control large or complex facilities such as factories, power plants, network operations centers, airports, and telco, with some degree of automation. Teracom offering an efficient solutions for your remote monitoring and control challenges.

Teracom TCW2xx series have much more powerful 32-bit chipset and support 10/100MBit connectivity. All they maintain M2M protocols – MODBUS TCP/IP, SNMP v2, HTTP API with XML/JSON status files and HTTP Post for client-server systems.

Teracom TCW1xx series are with an 8-bit chipset and use 10MBit connectivity. They are designed to perform simple tasks.

Teracom GSM remote monitoring work over mobile networks. GPRS, 3G, and 4G(LTE) as the main communication channels for GSM wireless for remote connections.

As a matter of fact, sensors and detectors are an important part of any system for remote monitoring and control. The sensors and detectors provide transformation of environmental parameters into electrical signals. These signals are monitored from devices either for Ethernet remote monitoring or GSM remote monitoring.

Engineering and Services

Sampling Conditioning System

Sampling Conditioning System Gas & Liquid – A state of the art design and fabricated with smart sampling system to suit application needs.



  • 35 years of experience in instrumentation and process control in OGP, power and palm oil mill industry.  We are capable of design and fabricate of analyzer house (sampling conditioning and skid system), installation, commissioning, calibration, services, repair and training of instruments, to provide networking & computing solutions for instrumentation system.


  • Enhance good public health, environmental integrity and protect life of innovative solutions towards safer facility and economic viability.


  • To be a leader in providing total solution of instrumentation, process control and sampling system through excellent services.


  • To conduct and maintain the highest level of integrity for our customer through continuous improvement and innovative solutions.


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